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The XXth International Conference “Recent Progress in Many Body Theories” will be held at Hotel Dieu Saint Jacques, a UNESCO world Heritage site during 9-13  september, 2019 in Toulouse. The conference continues the series initiated in Trieste in 1978, each meeting being held every 2 years. The meeting is held successively in Europe, America and Asia. This will be the first time this conference is held in France.

The many-body problem is a central issue in most physical and chemical systems as soon as one considers objects beyond the simplest ones. The originality of this conference is that  it gathers scientists from many domains dealing with this problem, to exchange ideas, techniques and tools to attack complex systems. Topics thus cover domains as diverse as  nuclear and plasma physics, dense matter in stars or intense laser irradiation, material sciences and condensed matter, quantum chemistry, quantum fluids and solids,  nanostructures and electronic transport… A special attention is also paid to  new theoretical progress and developments of computational methods to be used in fast developing High Performance Computing platforms.

The next edition will in addition dedicate sessions to a special topic on Non equilibrium dynamics and dissipation, which is a currently very active domain both experimentally and even more so theoretically and computationally speaking.

The meeting will consist of about 30 invited talks, 20 contributed talks and poster sessions.  The meeting will be organized around 9 half days sessions organized according to subtopics. One session will be devoted to Feenberg and Kuemmel awards,consisting of laudatios delivered by the chair of the selection committee of each award and extended lectures delivered by the awardees. A half day excursion is scheduled to Albi, or to Carcassonne, two other UNESCO world Heritage sites nearby Toulouse, followed by the conference banquet. Proceedings of the meeting will be prepared and

published in an international journal.

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The welcome desk will be held at the Hôtel Dieu Saint Jacques

Born from the meeting of the Sainte-Marie hospital in La Daurade (1130) and the Novel hospital (1225), the Hôtel Dieu's mission was to welcome the pilgrims of Saint-Jacques, who after having performed their devotions going around the Holy Corps at Saint-Sernin, they took the road back to Galicia, crossing the Garonne, and making their way to Isle-Jourdain. Thus he was later given the name Saint-Jacques hospital at the end of the bridge (1313), then Hotel-Dieu Saint-Jacques (1554).

This hospital foundation became from the sixteenth century the largest hospital in Toulouse, until the opening of the Hospital Purpan in 1946..



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